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The Law of Defamation

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2018 Publications

Arbitration Law - 3rd Edition

Banking Law - 4th Edition

Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court - 3rd Edition

Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure - 4th Edition

Financial Services Law: Authorisation, Supervision, Compliance and Enforcement - 1st Edition

Procurement Law in Ireland - 1st Edition

The Companies Act 2014: Annotated and Consolidated - 2018 Edition

The Law of Defamation - 2nd Edition

2017 Publications

Annual Review of Irish Law 2016

Company Law - 5th edition

Debt Recovery Handbook - 2nd edition

Immigration and Citizenship Law - 1st edition

Mortgages Law and Practice - 2nd edition

Probate Motions and Actions Relating to Wills and Intestacies - 1st edition

Protected Disclosures - 1st edition

The Civil Liability Acts - 5th edition

The Law and Practice of Personal Representatives - 2nd edition

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