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Sports Law

Bartos and Meston on the Succession (Scotland) Act 1964

David Bartos.

W. Green Paperback 24/07/2015 9780414019386

Contentious Executries

Roddy MacLeod.

W. Green Hardback 9780414030947

Scottish Trusts and Succession Service

Professor Michael C Meston.

W. Green Loose-leaf 26/11/1999 9780414013070


DR MacDonald.

W. Green Paperback 25/10/2001 9780414014367

Succession Law

Karl Dowling. Robert Grimes.

Round Hall Paperback 04/09/2013 9780414031470

Succession Law - Essential Law Text

Albert Keating.

Round Hall Paperback 01/08/2007 9781858004792

Succession LawBasics

Alex Gibb. Alasdair Gordon.

W. Green Paperback 25/07/2018 9780414065147

Successions and Trusts

Alex Gibb.

W. Green Paperback 11/08/2017 9780414018112


Professor Kenneth McK Norrie. Eilidh M Scobbie.

W. Green Paperback 25/07/1991 9780414009653

Trusts LawBasics

Professor Roderick Paisley.

W. Green Paperback 22/07/1999 9780414013308

Trusts, Trustees and Executors

The Late W A Wilson. AGM Duncan.

W. Green Hardback 21/12/1995 9780414010277

Trusts: Cases & Materials

James Chalmers.

W. Green Paperback 12/09/2002 9780414013377