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The Irish Constitution (Governance and Values) [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Author : Oran Doyle
Author : Eoin Carolan
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 30/09/2008
ISBN: 9781858005157
Jurisdiction: Ireland

In June 2007, the Law School hosted an international conference to mark the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Ireland. This book mostly consists of the papers delivered at that conference, updated, revised and refined for publication. The chapters critically address all the main issues that currently arise in relation to the theory and practice of Irish constitutional law, providing insights on possible future developments.

The chapters of this book address three main themes. First, a number of contributors address the philosophical and historical context of the Irish Constitution. Second, there are several chapters addressing the separation of powers and governance issues raised by the Constitution and recent case law. Third, all of the fundamental rights provisions of the Constitution, as well as the likely impact of the European Convention on Human Rights, receive extensive consideration.

A very small selection of essays include:

- Future Directions for the Constitution - Professor Ivana Bacik
- Separation of Powers and Administrative Government - Eoin Carolan
- The Constitutional Silence on Policing Professor Dermot Walsh
- Property Rights in the Irish Constitution: Rights for Rich People, or a Pillar of Free Society? Donal O?Donnell, SC.
- The Constitutionalisation of the Law of Evidence Declan McGrath BL

Oran Doyle lectures in constitutional law and jurisprudence in Trinity College, Dublin. He is a practising barrister.

Eoin Carolan is a practising barrister and member of the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin.
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Irish Law
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