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Expert Evidence Under the CPR [Paperback] | Add to Basket
Author : Joanna Day
Author : Louise Le Gat
Publisher: SWEET & MAXWELL
Publication Date: 04/10/2001
ISBN: 9780421768307
Series: A Compendium of Cases from April 1999 to April 2001
Jurisdiction: England & Wales

A key aim of the CPR has been to curb the misuse of expert evidence, which in the past has caused unnecessary delay and expense to the litigious process. This helpful book offers recent case law with commentary to clarify the new rigorous procedures.
The decisions included draw the reader's attention to both the benefits of good practice and the penalties paid by those who fail to observe the new rules and casually assume that the bad old habits of the past can persist.
For each section, there is a brief discussion of the impact of the Rules on the subject area, and with each case a digest of highlights, notable quotes and a closing summary of what the court took into account.
This essential title is written by a leading author team from Allen & Overy.
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