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Fundamentals of the Irish Legal System [Paperback] | Add to Basket
Author : Liam Thornton
Author : Tanya Ni Mhuirthile
Author : Catherine O'Sullivan
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 22/06/2016
ISBN: 9781858007120
Series: Law, Policy and Politics
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Fundamentals of the Irish Legal System: Law, Policy and Politics sets down and
examines the Irish legal system in a clear and accessible manner, while also requiring
the student to think about deeper issues relating to law and its interaction with society.

Key features
* Explains and critically assesses how Irish law is made and applied
* Focuses on what the law is, the concept of the rule of law, sources of law, the civil and criminal court systems, Irish law and international law, alternative dispute resolution, the role of judges, solicitors and barristers in the Irish legal system and the administration of justice
* Explains the intricacies of the Irish legal system, while also providing analysis and discussion on key areas and controversies
* Includes a section on how to find, read and analyse legislation, cases, other textbooks and journal articles so that students can put their knowledge into practice.

Key learning features
* A clear and logical structure
* Includes practical examples, tips and advice
* Dedicated legal insight sections that assist students in understanding law in its societal context throughout
* Exercises, time to reflect and case focus features throughout

About the authors
Tanya Ni Mhuirthile is a lecturer in law in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University.
Catherine O?Sullivan is a lecturer in law in the School of Law, University College Cork.
Liam Thornton is a lecturer in law in the School of Law, University College Dublin.
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Legal Systems
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