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The Commercial Court [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Contributor : Stephen Dowling
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 31/12/2012
ISBN: 9781858006826
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The Commercial Court, 2nd edition provides you with a practical and unique guide to the rules and procedures in the Commercial Court. This title gives you unique access to expert direction on bringing a case before the court and is an in-depth assessment of how proceedings are conducted and controlled by the Commercial Court Judge.

Key Features:
*Provides extensive coverage on practice and procedure in the Commercial Court and examines how the rules have been applied in practice
*Examines the proceedings that are eligible for the Commercial list, and considers those that are not
*Gives you a complete understanding of the provisions of Order 63A of the Rules of the Superior Courts and explores the scope of the powers of the Commercial Court Judge
*Brings you up-to-speed with all aspects of case management
including directions hearings, case management conferences and pre-trial conferences
*Explores the relationship between the Commercial Court and alternative dispute resolution
*Helps you to run cases smoothly and avoid the potentially high cost of default and delay

New to this edition:
*Discusses the new practitioner?s handbook for the Commercial Court
*New trends in case management
*Recent developments in striking out pleadings in Commercial Court
*New case law on amendments to pleadings
*Developments relating to e-discovery
*New obligations in large-scale discovery
*Recent judgments on modular trials
*New costs decisions where trials are split
*Developments in relation to fixing preliminary issues
*Developments in relation to ADR and mediation
*Changes to Order 84 and the impact on commercial judicial review proceedings
*New case law on evidence in commercial litigation
*Recent decisions clarifying the use of witness statements during trial
*Developments in applications for non-suit in the Commercial Court
*Recent case law on evidence by video link
*Developments in relation to costs and issue based orders
*Seeking costs against non-parties
*Developments in seeking protection against costs

Expert Author
Stephen Dowling is a barrister practising in
commercial litigation.
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Commercial Law
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