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Succession Law - Essential Law Text [Paperback] | Add to Basket
Author : Albert Keating
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 01/08/2007
ISBN: 9781858004792
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Succession Law is primarily designed for students studying the subject of succession law (including wills, probate and administration of estates) at degree or professional level. The book is comprised of four parts covering not only the legal aspects of the subject but the practical ones as well.

Part One - The law of wills: The creation of succession rights, The execution of wills, Testamentary capacity, The revocation and revival of wills, Testamentary gifts, The legal right and moral duty, The rules of intestacy, The loss of succession rights

Part Two - Probate practice: Grants of probate, Grants of letters of administration with will, Annexed and intestate, Grants for limited purposes, Caveats and citations, The administration of estates, Probate motions and actions

Part Three - The construction of wills and intervention of equity: The construction of wills, The equitable concepts, The equitable doctrines

Part Four - Specimen wills, probate and succession act forms.

Dr. Albert Keating is a barrister and senior law lecturer at Waterford Institute of Technology.
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Succession and Trusts
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