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Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland [Journal] | Add to Basket
Editor : Asim Sheikh
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 00/00/0000
ISBN: 1393-1792
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland was launched in 1995 and represents an exciting new departure in legal jurisprudence. The aim and scope of this journal is to inform professionals of current legal and ethical issues related to patient care and also provide an academic and scientific forum for practitioners and academics to debate medico-legal issues of importance to individuals and society as a whole.

The issues in this rapidly changing area of the healthcare sciences and the law are generally of a complex nature. The Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland provides an opportunity for a detailed debate of those issues which lack simplistic answers.

This journal covers diverse areas where medicine and law meet. This specialty otherwise known as forensic medicine or medical jurisprudence includes:

*Medical Law and Legal Medicine
*Forensic Science
*Medical Ethics
*Road Traffic Law
*Clinical Forensic Science
*Prescribing Law
*Forensic Pathology
*Healthcare Legislation

Also available online at www.westlaw.ie.
Subject Groups
Irish Law
Medical Law
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