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A Guidebook to Intellectual Property [Paperback] | Add to Basket
Author : Lord Justice Robin Jacob
Author : Daniel Alexander
Author : Lindsay Lane
Publisher: SWEET & MAXWELL
Publication Date: 17/11/2004
ISBN: 9780421799806
Series: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs
Jurisdiction: European Union

This book, totally revamped since the last edition, explains the basic principles of intellectual property in an approachable and straightforward manner. It covers all the core areas of patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright. The new edition incorporates key developments and case law since the last edition such as:

* All the latest developments in patent, trade mark and copyright law
* A new section on the Internet
* A new section on international aspects of intellectual property
* Database rights and new European design rights
* Rights of privacy

It is designed partly for law students but also partly for others, for instance a businessman who wants an authoritative but hassle-free introduction to intellectual property. It is an insider's view from the front line. If you want a book which will tell you - painlessly, even enjoyably what you really need to know about IP, this is the book for you. Reading this will give you a true feel for the subject.
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Academic Law
Intellectual Property

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