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Scottish Contemporary Judicial Dictionary [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Author : William J Stewart
Publisher: W. Green
Publication Date: 16/11/1995
ISBN: 9780414010086
Jurisdiction: Scotland

Scottish Contemporary Judicial Dictionary is a modern-day collection of words and phrases judicially defined and commented on by the Scottish courts.
The book provides the practitioner with judicial definitions of the ordinary words of the English language. It provides invaluable assistance to litigation lawyers seeking to argue a particular interpretation. It will be especially invaluable to any lawyer drafting documents.
Scottish Contemporary Judicial Dictionary provides the only alternative to lexicographers' definitions of ordinary English words. A worthy successor to Gibb and Dalrymple and an excellent working tool for the busy lawyer.
Subject Groups
Scottish Law

What we have here is a useful compilation which should provide a guide for the busy practitioner faced with the problem - What on earth does that mean? - Journal of the Law Society
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