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Unjustified Enrichment [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Author : Robin Evans-Jones
Publisher: W. Green
Publication Date: 31/12/2003
ISBN: 9780414009974
Jurisdiction: Scotland

This welcome addition to the SULI series seeks for the first time in Scots law to identify and analyse the body of law known as "unjustified enrichment" in which, as identified by the Court of Session, the condictiones represent causes of action and restitution and recompense remedies.
This book concentrates on the law of the condictio which it seeks to elaborate beyond the foundations laid by recent case law according to a fundamental distinction between two groups of enrichment case: those that arise from deliberate conferral (the subject matter of this volume) and all othercases.
The text provides an authoritative and comprehensive account of the subject, and will establish a scheme of the precise features and limits of claims of unjustified enrichment.
Robin Evans-Jones analyses the circumstances in which an obligation of restitution exists, the basis of each claim, the content of the obligation and its precise limits.
Subject Groups
Scottish Law
Unjust Enrichment

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