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Civil Proceedings and the State [Hardback] | Add to Basket
Author : Anthony M Collins
Author : James O'Reilly
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 24/09/2019
ISBN: 9780414035102
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The 3rd edition of Civil Proceedings and the State provides the practitioner with a comprehensive and definitive analysis of the practice of public and administrative law in the State. In addition to containing an authoritative and fully updated commentary on the applicable statutes, rules of court and practice directions, it includes a completely revised set of precedents, thereby facilitating the application of the law.

New to this edition
* All chapters are revised and rewritten to take account of developments in the law and practice of judicial review, habeas corpus and cases stated that have occurred during the past 12 years, since the previous edition published
* Up-dated precedents suitable for the demands of a busy practice
* Practical consideration as to the choice of correct procedures or remedies
* New chapter on Statutory Appeals
* Comprehensive description of the law on the application in practice of the European Convention of Human Rights in Ireland

Key features
* An authoritative source for the analysis and interpretation of the statutes, rules and practice in the field of public and administrative law
* Fully revised and up to date description of relevant case law and legislation
* Advice and guidance in the day-to-day practice of public and administrative law
* Modern precedents capable of being adapted to meet all foreseeable challenges

Appeal by way of Case Stated; Other forms of Cases Stated; Orders Affecting Personal Liberty; Judicial Review ? Forms of Relief; Judicial Review ? Procedure; Statutory Appeals; Constitutional Litigation I ? Standing and other preliminary issues
Constitutional Litigation II ? Reliefs and procedures; References under Article 26 of the Constitution; Relator Proceedings; European Union Law in the Irish Courts
Proceedings under the European Convention on Human Rights; Private Litigation; Annexes & Precedents

Anthony M. Collins is a Judge at the General Court of the European Union having previously been a Senior Counsel specialising in all aspects of public and administrative law
James O?Reilly is a Senior Counsel with over a quarter century?s experience of practice at the Inner Bar in the fields of administrative, commercial and public law
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Irish Law
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