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Making a Publishing Proposal

Round Hall publishes in a variety of media for legal practitioners, law students and regulatory professionals. If you have an idea for a publication the first step is to complete a Proposal Form. The Proposal Form follows this template:

* Subject

* Working title

* Your CV and contact details, together with the same for any co-author

* A brief description of the object of the work and its key selling points

* A draft table of contents and any sample material

* How this will differ from and be better than existing, competing works

* Estimated length

* Primary market

* Secondary market

* Estimated delivery date

You may send us a proposal based on the template above, or please contact us and we will send you the Round Hall Proposal Form to complete.

All proposals can be sent to:

Pamela Moran

Round Hall

12/13 Exchange Place


Dublin 1

Email Pamela Moran

Tel: + 353 1 602 4808